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A well known fantasy novelist in the country, Cerqueira Xin Eliazar also known as Darkxineohp by her readers has to attend a special and prestigious award ceremony for those best-selling novels? authors of the decade and she is one of the nominee because of her work ?Sword of an Empress? which had received a title for best fantasy novel for two consecutive years. When she steps in the arena, the place of the awarding, she felt the sudden strange in the surroundings as the CEO and President of StartWin Company, the organizer of the said awarding has an unexpected announcement which makes Darkxineohp and other fourteen authors/ nominees shocks in horror. Instead of the agendas for an awarding as everyone expected, the CEO had just explained the mechanics of a game. A game where the players should be the fifteen nominees of the unreal awarding, where Darkxineohp belongs. They should passed the three levels of the game entitled as ?The Ws.Block Scrutinize Fight?. Each level has their own unknown obstacles and mysterious holes that they must be solved for them to be able get the chance to save their lives. As the games starts, Darkxineohp with other fourteen players will be called as Scriverse and all of them must step their foot in the grave of different areas of the gaming field as regards of the level where they in. They want to resist the game but unfortunately, the CEO has an end line which includes the will to just accept the game and be the winner because of their willingness to save their lives and get back their freedom again. At the end of the game, Darkxineohp would grab the closest spot for victory but a sudden twist of fate block her way as one of the players set her on it?s own hidden game.

Quill's Trap - Dust Jacket

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