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The poems in this volume are a manifestation of the poet�s rugged journey along the meandering lanes of life. The themes around which the poems revolve are mental health issues, domestic violence, toxic masculinity, body shaming, and a host of such other issues that are brushed under the carpet because of them being trivialized by society. A woman�s issues have never been a point of concern and more often than not they are silenced. This volume aims to underline those very silenced and muffled feelings that women are afraid of expressing. Through this volume, the poet aims at a flagrant exhibition of her thoughts that are unapologetic and raw. The poems are not just the reflection of her life, but also an illustration of the voices of those millions of women who prefer to remain silent because that is what they�ve been taught to do. A prosaic style of poetry has been followed that lucidly portrays the various struggles of being a woman in today�s world in an easy to read and story-like manner.

Rantings. . .Behind Her Silence

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  • Somjeeta Pandey
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