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At the age of 18, after living a dysfunctional life in school and at home, James Wilfred Zamora now prepares to leave for college to live a whole different life. For his entire childhood, he was a high school thug who struggled to find meaning, into a person who tried to rebuild himself from his broken past. But then, as he begins his new journey, he was, once more, reliving his old, unhappy days. What will James find as he continues this journey? What will you, when at the brink of losing hope, do when you couldn�t find answers to yourself? Together with his clinical psychologist Dr. Emma and his high school friend Mary Jane, witness how a certain redemption awaits ahead as he continues down the path to find meaning in life.

Redemption Awaits The Awakening - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083907
  • Ralph Cole

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