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"After the chaos, will there be light? After the love, will there be pain? Losing those who you must lose, yet do we really need to lose them? She thought that everything couldn't be better, her being an Alpha female, Zette Aguhar was living the wild and free life; it was going quite well for her. Not until she met him, a stubborn vampire king called Pride. Pride Dominique Valov was one deadly king of the vampires, wherein he ruled with his name-- Pride indeed. He was the third deadly king that needs to be tamed. Under his father's orders, his Pride took over, country after country. They're both immortal yet their worlds could never be the same; not only is the world really small, but it had destined two hearts as one. Knowing that they were born in the opposite race, they were both destined to kill each other in order to rule. In the middle of the dilemma, chaos happened. A wolf, And a vampire. Would they change the tale?"

Redressing the Solstice

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