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"Reflection of Mind"- it's such a poetic canvas, where mind has sketched its dreamy thoughts, using divine colours. All are sparkling as usual, everywhere. Thoughts in motion, have reflected, as parts of the Beautiful Life.
Those perceptions, dreams, dance every time, by the source of inking spirits.
We love to cherish each and every part of dreams, in the deepest mind. Sometimes can share, sometimes can't. Then they hide in a corner. But it's not right all the times. We must believe dear God. We must believe ourselves.  If we do that, can reflect easily our thoughts in motion, for a better solution, by taking steps cautiously. We must be ready to accept any result, without any regret.  This will help to hold us, for the upcoming life's trend.
Let us hold the power of mind. Let us make the picture by showering love, from deepest heart. We will, we must, we should accept all, without losing hopes and trust. No fear can�t hold us.
For example: Spiritual wings, Spark, Age is not a matter, Mind seeks, The Bridge, Little Butterfly, You�re beautiful, Let your mind fly etc.
Hope, you will find out yourself, for a moment, by forgetting the tormented phase of life. And your mind will revive with its divine essence, to shine the way of life, onward.

Reflection of Mind

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