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These are verses filled with emotions of author Ho Huu Viet, a person who earnestly loves his homeland, country and people. With melodious, flexible and soft lyrics, readers seem wish to discover and read his poetry forever. He loves the nature, plants, even field flowers that are also enhanced by the author to a level of aesthetic symbol. The impermanent raindrops are also described charming in his poetry.
Besides, the affection for his son, daughter and beloved ones are mixed in the falling earnest rhymes. The sadness is transformed into the drops of love, as beautiful as the dewdrops in the poetry. Somewhere, readers seem to be lured into a poetic a rock garden, a four-season fruit landscape and then enjoy the fresh nature party, forgetting all the sorrows of the human life.
Four seasons of the year, the love for crops, trees, and birds are always present in the author's poetic flows. It's great to be immersed in the vast happiness from the little things that the author collected in this volume of poems!
(Poetess Khanh Phuong)

Restless Spring

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  • Ho Huu Viet
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