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Rosewood is a collection of poems and prose poetries by Aerithe Arthena. Its themes are varied and it tackles life in a certain perspective.
     The persona believes herself to be an outlander in skin deep seas. From being buried and suffocated, to gratefulness for every day?s simple blessings, this book gives a glimpse of a life miscellany.
     Nightingales and cardinals in the district of infinity, the persona anticipates what is known as a hopeful love. Fire being kindled and fate engraved, she knows there will be no regrets. Even when luminosity is in the yonder, she rides on the destiny boat with the aspiration for deeper understanding of humanities, anticipating for descendants, nurturing love in a home, and even voicing out to stop the bruises from festering our world. There were bedroom ghosts and a woman; perfectly imperfect.
     Beyond withering are the virtues bestowed upon her. She prays in a silent night for another sign, believing in such repercussions. The innocence she depicts like a butterfly is unormanted but beautiful. There?d be glacial wind she supposed will not let her fall deep into slumber forever, and footprints in the sands of time. Enveloped in an odd familiarity but dreamt of being lucid and grasping a boundless cosmos of dreams. There will always be fears but she believes in a bright future. A future where her voice is no longer meager.
     A future where her dreams are held and passion kept, where roses will grow in the woodland of her entirety.?

Roses in Woodland - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083830
  • Akeisha Samantha B. Rosas
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