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"1st of Jan Abhishikta Vats, who was supposed to fly to Australia, was found dead in her farmhouse. Jai, the officer investigating the case, thinks it is not a suicide but a murder. The main suspect is Abhishikta, aka Abby?s cousin Shay. Jai knew everyone in her family had the motive and means to kill her. But did they all conspire and kill her? Jai had his suspicion about them, but it was Shay with who he could build up a compelling story with motives and means, along with a witness. 
Then Ihit, Abby?s friend & confidant, stepped forward in defense of Shay. Was he aware of a few details that nobody knew? Nobody knew for sure. Ihit manages to get Shay off the hook. Once the case ended, Ihit could mourn the loss of his friend, Abby. Abby, who had entrusted her diaries. Ihit had a chance to know Abby as she was. Abby lived for her Cena Cosmica, but her heart was with her Abeer. 
Finally, when she decided to tell him about her feelings, things changed for Cena Cosmica. The only available option required her to choose between her loves. So she decided to leave Abeer.
When Abby broke the news Abeer was devastated & sought revenge. Then love found a path, and what appeared to be a promising future was cut short when Abby collapsed and died, & Abeer vanished without a trace. Ihit was left atoning for the sin he did not commit. "

Rue - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082805
  • Naseha Sameen
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