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Detective Dan, a techy eighteen-year-old who enjoys making new contraptions for maximum proficiency, is determined to take back his homeland from the Coronians, an evil race whose goal is to wipe out all of mankind. After they invaded Earth, the humans took to the skies, making new settlements in other liveable planets spread throughout the universe.
Dan recruits four others to help him: a bossy officer who loves drinking coffee, two of the top fighters of an elite secret task force, and a freelance bounty hunter. Five distinct individuals, five different planets, five clashing incentives, five separate stories.
Together, they form The Av.E.D.Er.By Gang and nothing can stop them from teaming up and defeating the Coronians once and for all. Or so they think� After all the trials they encountered, would they be able to forget the betrayal?

Sacrifices For Nothing

SKU: 9789356452749
  • Cade Brooke
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