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This book finds us in the small town of Whitehall. Nova is given the opportunity to become a kindergarten teacher and she is hoping her past doesn�t find her. She has no reason to not to take it, she has nothing left in Montana. Her family died when she was in college. The last thing she is looking for is love. She wants nothing more than to feel safe and be a kick ass teacher. She starts to feel safe when she meets four of the other teachers who welcome her in with open arms. Just when she finally starts to feel safe, the rug gets ripped out from under her. Not only does her past come for her she finds out that this town has a huge secret! Will she find love, will she be able to handle what this town is hiding? It�s a must read. You can read these books in any order, but some characters will show up in other books. Please enjoy and hope you love Nova�s story.

Schooling My Wolves

SKU: 9789354905599
  • K.J. Ravenswood
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