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The Intelligent and the Brave does not get along well. 


When a hidden university divides the students of the richest people in the world into four houses, chaos is inevitable. Secrets are written in journals, rumors are whispered in the hallways, and money is used to keep them that way. Even when found, most would turn a blind eye but would the Intelligent and the Brave do the same?


Follow as Cana and Ace take on a journey a little different from the rest. Would they be able to overcome their differences and their house barriers in order to work together as a team or would this tear them apart? Would they uncover the person behind the mess, or would money keep them shut? 


Expose the smoke and mirrors of Scion, the most duplicitous University. 

Scion University - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084062
  • Paperback

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