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It all commences with a vision, vision of divine, vision of elevated life, vision of infinite and then begins the transformation of the being from the amoebic to the superhuman level. Seed of Light is the collection of spiritual philosophical poetry attempting to reveal the secrets of human existence and finding meaning to the mortal life. Each poem will force you to think beyond our petty existence and will assist you to see your face clearly in the mirror of time. The poems are elixir of divinity, juiced out of the human emotions like love, laughter, pain, suffering, pride, ego, desire to finally find oneself at peace, just by tasting a drop of it.
The poems are based on poets’ vision of higher realms which he earned while sailing across the oceans around the globe. This is supplemented by his knowledge of ancient Indian texts like Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata and Sri Aurobindo philosophy.
The walk towards infinity is described in following lines
It matters not how much you walk,
But the steps taken,
Course corrected, track unearthed,
And the path you have decided to awaken.
While the discovery of truth is symbolized as follows
I have to dive down; into the core of the depths,
Into the lowest existence of a subliminal being;
From there, I shall rise up my lord,
As like the bubbles arising out of a sprout.
It is not a book but the discovery of your subliminal being.

Seed Of Light

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