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It wasn't about a girl with skin as white as snow or the fairest of the land, but about a woman who never had a say in her direction.
All she desired to do was live, yet all she was seen as was evil.
Her name was Viola, not ruthless, a psycho or a killer queen. From being brought up without parents, only her aunts in an area where women had no value, was her life supposed to be better because of a mark.
An apple birthmark was her ticket to the palace, to riches through marriage at the age of 15 to the king. But was being queen what she needed, the step mother to his daughter who was a little less than half of her age?
She grew fond of his daughter but wasn't in love with him. She found a man her own age, a man trapped in a mirror who could see things she couldn't.
Yet sight isn't enough when it comes to feeling and his betrayal led to blood on her hands and a new life she ddn't choose.
Blending into a summer school under a new identity was another path she found herself upon along with being provided a place to stay with the rugged and comforting, Matt Chambers as well as being constantly challenged and understood by their charming classmate, Thomas Anderson. But with her surroundings constantly changing and past that was risky to share, is throwing two men into the mix of it all what she needs?
Is the woman who was a villain in someone else's story truly evil? Does her morally wrong decision define her that is left out of most story books or is she just as deserving of love, of a happy ending as the princess herself?

Shattered - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083210
  • Julia Vellucci
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