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SIMBERGWENZA! Sinverguenza (scoundrel) (MEANING: �WITHOUT SHAME�) is a �no-hold-barred� book that documented her 2020 episode and intimate letters with imaginary friend Raymund/Poy.  The basic premise of 2020 episode is she held dreams that she was the Holy Spirit. Although unproven claims, the author had held visions and voices of the same claim.  This is how it all started for her in June 2020--Twinkle or Atty. Xandred as �Alay� and Bluebelle or Valerie Blue as �Atang�. The author was diagnosed with Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination so bear in mind that she holds a metaphorical world and hears voices inside her head that sounds like conversations.  She also maintains a physical or literal world where she is compelled to blend in and act as normal as possible.  Recommended to be read with mantle of purity.
This book is a sequel to Ad Astra Per Aspera. The vision was mentioned in part and parcel in book 4. But here in this book, the author will bring you along the actual time when she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to put into writing her experiences of hearing voices inside her head, the voices sounds like conversation and she would hear them.  She has attempted to document her ordeal and here in this book, you can have an actual transcript written in letters on how inside her mind, she converses with her imaginary friend she refers to as Raymund/Poy.


SKU: DJAG15083277
  • Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria
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