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"�Mother, he is Sita-manobhi-rama. Even if I am in the forest, or even if I collapse in the ocean, just by listening to Rama�s name, I would be overflowed with undefined happiness. Mother, what do you know? I cannot tolerate if anyone blames my Rama.�    

�My Lord, you are the greatest gift that I have got in my life. For me, this is the highest. Just being by your side gives me immense joy. This is the reason that I argued with you and came along with you to the Aranyavasam, even though you alarmed me of the unknown dangers in the forest. I cannot even imagine spending the days without you here at Ayodhya.�   

 �O! Sita Mata! how can I tell you, In Ayodhya, just because one common man questioned your purity, Rama, has ordered to leave you in the forest  permanently in order to maintain the kingdom�s dignity,� 

 �O Mother, O Bhumatha!  If I am pure, If I am chaste, if I have remained true to Rama in mind, please take me to your abode.� I have shouted these words as loud as I can and at once, amidst huge thunders and lightening, amidst fierce winds, amidst heavy rains, the floor broke, and my mother came, and took me.�   

 I, Sita Devi who has come from the earth, returned to the earth, with pride. I have fulfilled my duty as a responsible mother to Lava and Kusha. "


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  • Bhagya Shree Nadamala
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