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Consider yourself living in an uncivilized place. Where people are deprived of education, where every parent has poor parental guidance, where you are surrounded by crisis, mental and emotional war. As a youth, what will you choose to become? Will you choose to conform to the patterns of the world where you belong? Or would you prefer to be the person who discovers what is wrong with the world you live in and works to make it a better place?
This research book will enable you to uncover various societal issues that you might be unaware of, which have been happening around you to an increasing degree in today?s modern society. Prepare yourself as you journey through this study that delves into Jose Garcia Villa?s Footnote to Youth, for you will see how visible things are not seen while things not worth seeing are confronted.

Societal Issues In Jose Garcia Villa's Footnote to Youth - Dust Jacket

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  • Bentazal, Jessabele Gorozon