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In these difficult times for us, it is comforting to those who love literature to know that there are poets like Anjali Sahoo, writing. Her poems encompass a number of issues; but, more importantly, is about her foresight of seeing in the future in the past and how to share that insight. I�d like to quote two lines which impressed me:
�(The civilization) �wraps the wreckage
By re-wearing a more reddened attire, 
With new holes fashioned by the spent bullets�� 
(After Every War)
Jayanta Mahapatra
Distinguished poet and Editor
Cuttack, India
      Anjali Sahoo�s �Soliloquy of Eternity� is filled with delightful poetry. Some of these are meditative works are brief and provoke smile of recognition. Others are longer and offer serious insights for the reader to contemplate. Anjali�s playfulness with words, her skillful use of alliteration and general love of language is wonderful as is her fresh and unexpected imagery. I always enjoy reading her poems again and again.
Brian Yapko
Poet, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
              �Soliloquy of Eternity� is replete with typical Anjali Sahoo�s poems, with her philosophical revelations like Robert Frost, her freshness of vision like Walt Whitman, her dexterous use of literary devices, more particularly alliterations and assonances like G.M. Hopkins and her rooted belongingness in Indian Cultural Tradition like Jayanta Mahapatra. Her poems also touch upon the ecological and social issues of the world with a lyrical and universal significance.
Dr. Laxmidhar Panda
Former Principal and Associate Professor of English
Nimapada College, Nimapada, Odisha, India

Soliloquy of Eternity

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