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Embellishing the pages of this book are snippets of rambles and musings about time, love and death�each of which emanates its own poignant version of irony. Birthed at a time when chaos reigned her mind, the author tries to breathe words to the muted sentiments she bottled, frightened these will steal away the hope she�s been working too hard to cultivate at the expanse of her crumbling sanity. She believes you store the same sentiments too, perhaps, hide it in the deepest reaches of your brain so these won�t end up unfettered like birds finally exploring the skyline. She wishes to remind you that everything is going to be fine, and prays that as you skim through this humble work she dares to call art, you will feel comforted with the knowledge that you aren�t alone in your chaos.  Whether it�s time, love, or the knowledge of our impending death that you�re sulking about, this book offers vast array of prose and poetry which richly if not masterfully depict the bittersweet ironies attached to every significant human experience. 

May you find your heart and soul in the pages! 

Soothing Ironies - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082872
  • Ana Grasya
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