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The book Spirit of Life is a collection of five short stories which will compel the readers to think about the existence of forces beyond what is seen and experienced in everyday life. 
The story ?Voices on the roof? is based on the experience of two young girls who come to live in a new city at the start of their career. Despite all proofs to the contrary the girls are convinced about voices that can be heard on the roof at the dead of night. Are there people up there and if not then from where do the voices stem.
?Sense of Purpose? follows the journey of a young bee as it seeks its life?s purpose. Through its own short but eventful life the bee teaches us several useful life?s lessons.
?Sands of Time? takes the readers back in time to the pre-independence era in India where a rich and cruel zamindar is forced to face the consequences of his actions during the last days of his life. Is it a coincidence born out of his guilt or is there some other force in action?
?Childhood? is a story about a successful corporate tycoon who upon the demise of his father travels back to his hometown. However, the visit back home takes him on a journey that he hadn?t anticipated as he comes face-to-face with realities that he had buried long ago.
?The Bungalow? is the last story in the series which tells the horrifying tale of an old house and its new residents. The family move to the house looking forward to an exciting experience, instead what awaits them is something that none of them had anticipated.

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