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These poems, essentially about memories, are an attempt to give voice to some reflections through words. These are vignettes of events and situations that drift like clouds. Memories - some deeply personal and some recalled objectively - stay etched in the remote corners of our minds. They accompany us almost all the time, as we tend to recall the past. Most of these poems have no dates or mention of any event. However, some of them talk about particular episodes, not necessarily personal experiences, which have registered themselves indelibly in the poet's mind. We all have memories - good and bad, bitter and sweet. And we long only for the fond ones, and want to forget those which are painful...but in vain. Sometimes, these memories visit us in our darkness and make us gloomy while at times, they offer us a ray of hope. As we recount a whiff, its fragrance stays with us.


  • Tirtho Banerjee
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