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"The book ‘Stranded in Poetic Reflections’ is a collection of poems that Dr. Nina Abdul Razzak wrote over a number of years. 

Stylistically, the poems are diverse, where many of them are of the free verse type, either with or without a rhyming scheme. There are also a few poems that could count as ballads, such as “Hopeless but Happy”, “Like a Rainbow”, and “Revival”.  A couple of odes are also included within the collection, such as the poem “The Loving Mother: Powerful but Tender” and the poem “The Dead Sea”. While the poem “I Stand by Your Grave”, which she dedicated in memory of her lost father, comes close to being an elegy. 

The poems are varied in focus; however, they are all grounded in the poet’s real-life experiences. Additionally, every poem highlights the poet’s personal reflections on a topic of significance to humans in general, such as: love and forgiveness, happiness, illness, motherhood, existence, old age, relationships, and the like. 

Dr. Abdul Razzak hopes that through her poems readers will relate to her experiences and ideas and will be inspired to themselves reflect on things that matter most in life. "

Stranded in Poetic Reflections

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  • Nina Lutfi Abdul Razzak
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