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Can a woman love the man she had spurned? Can the irresistible pull of the unknown cost someone his life? Is a woman born in poverty destined to perish in it or can her undying spirit and resilience win against all odds? What happens if country legalises corruption? What happens when anapparently self-centered man risks his life for justice? Is it possible to find love after humiliation and betrayal? Can a reclusive, bitter elderly citizen find happiness in the sudden company of naughty children? Tales of the Anointed Skeletons and Love revolves around the themes of love ? romantic or filial, friendship, attraction and other expressions of human bonding, and a few are touched upon by an element of mystery or the supernatural. The narratives are driven by the aspirations, idiosyncrasies, inquisitiveness and paranoia of people from diverse backgrounds under usual and unusual circumstances. With its relatable characters and identifiable emotions, this unique collection of short stories can be enjoyed by all.

Tales of the Anointed Skeletons and Love - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083406
  • Lahari Mahalanabish