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"Since the dawn of humankind, there has been an unending debate about whether one can create one’s destiny or whether everything is predestined. Can one change the course of fate in the middle of the events, or are we puppets on the world’s stage?

This book addresses the question of destiny in detail and presents some well-researched methods and proven tips to create or alter one’s destiny. The book has elaborate debates on the role of luck and coincidences in one’s life. It critically analyses the role of positive energy in creating habits, attitudes, and life events. 

The author has put all his life experiences into this book inspired by true events. This book may contain sensitive topics or details that may cause permanent changes in your thought process and ideology. Let there be a ‘Thought Revolution’. "

Tame Your Roguish Luck

SKU: 9789357703055
  • Kuldeep Sharma
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