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To become a successful author you need a general willingness to change and grow.   Your old attitudes,  actions, behaviors, thoughts, decisions, beliefs, and habits have only gotten you this far. They helped you achieve your current results. If you want a new level of success as a writer, something has to  change. For that to happen, first and foremost, you need to be willing to change.  In this lesson, one-shot story is a short literary work that is 1,000 to 7,000 words. However, it is only one installment, and does not have multiple chapters. Another word for it is short stories.  Writing a one-shot story is the best way to shave off cliched plots in your system. Perfect training is also one-shot for those who want to write long works.  One-shot stories are most recommended for those experiencing writer?s block at some point. The type where your mind is blanked in the middle of the novel if you are writing and you need a break or a different plot for a change. One-shot is possible to gain the right momentum in writing.  In Book 2 of Tara, Sulat Tayo, it aims to master and practice Characters, Settings, Theme, Plot, Conflict, and Resolution. It aims to combine Teaser, Synopsis, Scenes, Chapters, Scene Launches, Prologue, Epilogue, Narration, and Dialogues.

Tara, Sulat Tayo Vol 2 - Dust Jacket

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  • Emerald Blake