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After finding out that her father is alive, Bea is ready to take a leap of fate and fly to Brooklyn, New York, where he is currently residing. However, an unfortunate turn of events makes her like an illegal immigrant, living on the streets under the bridge. As a survival game in a foreign land, she uses her charm to lure and take advantage of every man who crosses her path. One of them is Max Lewis, a half Latino, half Filipino businessman, and, and Elixir Rooftop and Lounge.
Deceiving him with different made-up stories, she milks money for her to survive and disappears in a wink after stealing the ring in his pocket. While wandering the streets and searching for her father, Max catches her again. Forced to find the man who has bought Max�s heirloom ring, she�s stuck with him again.
How is she supposed to find her father when a handsome bar owner tails her every day?

That Summer in Brooklyn

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  • Felicity Blythe
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