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The year is 2410. Humanity is living in a golden age, having worked together to stop global warming and bring world peace. Eventually they launched themselves to the stars, colonizing first Mars and then terraforming Europa. Jupiter�s moon is a near Utopia for everyone who lives there, until a series of terrifying murders rock the fabric of society. The Police and their Criminal Profiler Noah Peterson investigate, but things aren�t what they first appear. The Serial Killer leaves no prints, and video surveillance mysteriously malfunctions when they�re near. Who or what is the killer? Supernatural or natural? And does Noah know more than he is saying? A game of cat and mouse ensues, where deep dark secrets are revealed; secrets that ensure that Noah and everyone he knows will never be the same again.

The Daemon�s Wish

SKU: AG05001
$12.00 Regular Price
$11.40Sale Price
  • Paperback

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