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A high jet of cosmic endurance entered into the entire being of a highly scientific tempered Engineer. Untrained and unprepared for the cosmic gameplay,  unknowingly a duplication of the energy flow was trapped in a Skull Thumb Ring.
But unable to bear the high jet of energy, the skull thumb ring was parted from its immature creator which lay dormant in a railway compartment. 
The game wasn't destined to end soon and the uncontrolled, untrained source of cosmic energy found its victim once again.  Vani, An owner of enchanting magnificence got trapped in the illusive whirlpool. Series of hallucinations, wearied adventure, events of past lives, and call of the dead connected different unfinished communication, and unfinished tasks relating to spiritual, gothic, and energetic events of the past.
The uncontrolled energy was brought to an end....BUT NOT FOR EVER!

The Extraterrestrial Evolution

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  • Chinmoy Nath
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