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This story revolves around Amar, a young middle class Indian boy,
struggling to land a job after completion of his engineering degree. He
spends most of his time in house and lost all his outside connections.
Life takes a twist when his school friend comes to meet him and through
multiple conversations, creates two big doubts in his mind regarding
money , human values and respect in the family. Amar initially dismisses
these conundrums, but eventually finds that his friend was spot on with his
understanding about the first doubt. To settle his mind, Amar decides to
test the second doubt through an experiment that is going to last 10 days
with his family. Each day creates new turn and twist and test his physical
and emotional limit. During these 10 days, Amar learns a lot of life lessons
and understands the world around him in a much better way.

The Family Experiment - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082577
  • Mayank Chamoli
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