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Sophia wants to be a normal American girl. She does not want to be haunted by recurring nightmares where a mysterious young man gets pushed off a cliff into a watery grave. Her hopes are dashed when her English grandmother dies and wills her castle to Sophia�s family.
Within its walls, she uncovers a magical book that can take her back to 1894. There she learns of a secret world of magical Druid bloodlines that her grandmother hid from her. But that is not the only thing she discovers in the past. The young man from her nightmares lives in 1894 as well as an evil warlock determined to control Sophia and a magical time-traveling book.
Sophia must stop the warlock and do everything in her power to prevent her nightmare from becoming a reality.

The Fate That Seals Us

SKU: 9789357702126
  • Darla da Cruz
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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