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The Games of my childhood; trilogy is a wonderfully written book with twenty stories about one boy and his adventures.  Brilliant plots, lucid lines, passability of the text and vividness of the words these are the main instruments used by the writer to introduce us with the main part of his life. His growing up and childhood in Pousorje which is vividly described in those stories. Children can learn many important things from Bajruzin Hajro Planjac. He has the spirit from old times and the great values that every child has to learn. Main themes are simple but unique: love, family, moral, dignity, school and education are something that are simply the foundation of the development of every child. This book, like the third one from the trilogy, is one of the best things in Bosnian literature.

The Games of my Childhood

SKU: 9789357707602
  • Bajruzin Hajro Planjac
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