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The Goddess Who Earned Her Stripes? is an enchanting collection of immensely potent, heart- rending poems that are written for men and women from all sections of society. The young poetess has attempted to shatter and stir the complex flaws in our current societal construct with a tinge of magical realism in her words. ?The Goddess Who Earned Her Stripes? is not just a collection of poems but an expression of fleeting, heart-touching emotion. These poems will make you smile, reflect and even move you to tears while invoking the rich memories of your childhood. These are poems with the potential to reignite lost dreams and most importantly, plant in the reader, the seed of unshakeable conviction and belief - That our deep rooted societal flaws and ills have got to change.

The Goddess Who Earned Her Stripes - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082837
  • Vaishnavi S Kabadi
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