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The Guardians of Evil is a meaningful novel that delves deep into the eddy vortex and furtive swirls of evils that struggle to find its natural outward flow from beneath his civilised exterior, his cultural pretentions..  More often than not ,the stealthy goings on in the modern society behind the smoky , misty , curtain of a cultural living, steam  out from under, in the form of  gruesome violence. This is the atavistic spectral return of man's instinctive  natural,  savage characteristics, with callous disdain to the codes  of virtues  and morality, his adopted characteristics. This is the fight of man against himself.The fight between the savage man and the modern man of virtues had started ever since and non stop from  the dawn of civilization.
The answer to the question "Who are the guardians of evil to stay on in the modern society?" is man , man alone and nothing but man.- the rulers, the ruled and those incumbents saddled with the duty of keeping the  rule of law and social well-being intact.

The Guardians of Evil

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