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Seventy-five thousand years back, the �Cognitive Revolution� happened, and the human �brain� was ready to create the human �Mind.� The primary animal thoughts of survival tactics evolved into religious/sociocultural ideas transforming the herds of hunter gatherer Homo sapiens into religious, social, cultural, and political
The three existential questions �Where from I(We) came?�, �Where I(We) will go?� and �Who am I? or Who we are?� gradually became the epicenter of human intelligence. Evolutionary forces created the intelligent human mind with its extraordinary ecosystem of thought processes with three major types of thoughts, religious/sociocultural, philosophical, and scientific.
It further evolved to develop the 4th type of thought process, controlling, communicating, balancing, and modulating �Spiritual Thought Processes� and thoughts of �Spirituality.� It is an incredible story of complex, ambiguous, mysterious, and incredibly evolved human thought processes and their evolutionary neurobiology, which created all possible thoughts of humanity, sociology, philosophy, religions, science, and spirituality.

The Inquisitive - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083612
  • Dr. Mahesh Bhatt

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