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The trends of teaching in this 21st century is technically inviting change and challenge teachers. It is the new world of education that introduces the importance of technology. The trends of digital education lead us to explore the benefits of technology in teaching and learning. 
          This new trend opens opportunity to provide better solutions for the present need of our students. Once adapted to support learner, it can be a great help for both teachers and students. 
        While we are optimistic about these new innovations. Let�s consider true education. Teacher plays a very important role to develop the character.  The teacher with a Christ-like character. Spreads his or her influence in every corner of the classroom. There is no shortage of teachers in the world. However, there is scarcity of godly educators in schools.
      Let�s go back to basic. It is said that �teaching is the most noble profession.� What makes it noble? What the qualities of a noble teacher? What it takes be a model teacher? What about effective and efficient teacher really means?
These questions shed light to the journey of all educators around the world. It is my sincere motivation to close the gap between the innovation in education and the ideal character of the teacher must possess. And to rebuild the ideal image of the most noble profession - Teaching.

The Journey of an Efficient Teacher in the 21st Century

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