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'THE LANGUAGE OF WILDFLOWERS' is a collection of prose and poetry written in English and Filipino language. It is a tapestry of midnight musings and lucid imaginings purely crafted for self-expression. This is a book bearing all shades in the spectrum, a hodgepodge of abstract pieces, metaphors, vignettes, both in free verse, and rhyming poetry. Icy Belen Tumayao (or Poetria as I know her online) is a deep and thoughtful poet. Her sensitive, often introspective writes explore subjects of self-engagement with the world around her. She does an outstanding job of providing images within her work; her word choices are impeccable. Poetria always gives you something to think about, a different way of understanding situations and relationships. With some exposure, I believe she will be a headliner in the poetry community and widely read around the world. I also believe that her poetry speaks well to young people, who will be able to relate to many of the issues that Poetria takes up in her poetry. -Peter Witt, United States, Founder and organizer of the World Wide Poetry Club (WWPC) on

The Language of Wildflowers

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  • Icy Belen Tumayao
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