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Human experience can be truly divine or a living hell and we are responsible for our own living Heaven or Hell. All life is systems, which today is a great awakening of the West of understanding everything within its systems, may it be Medical, Political, Economic or Commerce. Nature is one of the most organized systems and has inspired Literature, Art and Music for centuries. The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily looks at these three beautiful flowers which have inspired and are a big part of Religion, Spirituality and Cultures for the meaning of an enlightened life. Nature is one of the greatest teachers and here you see its significance with philosophy and psychology and the metaphors from these three beautiful flowers for an enlightened life. The primary realization through nature is best summarized by a Zen Master that there is really no one there to be enlightened! In light of this realization we come to realize what really is enlightened is really nature and life which we mistakenly take credit for ourselves. Individual self-valorization is amongst the lowest consciousness of man and we understand that when we do an inquiry on whom we really are. Here is a book for anybody who wants to get a deeper meaning from life, making it purposeful and divine, as it is in our hands how we choose to see reality. There are never the right circumstances or situations for a better life but how we choose to wire our consciousness.

The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily

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