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A compilation of proses about the love cycle made of three parts: Once upon a time, there was you; Pieces of what�s left of me; and How are you, me?
I was just a lost soul looking for love but I found you. I found hue in the monochrome. I found the rainbow after the rain. I found love after all the pain. Then�
But when I thought I am all healed, I end up broken again. And I was left with all the shattered pieces of myself, without knowing what to do. The more I tried to pick up the fragments of my broken pieces, the more I hurt and bleed. What should I do so that I could be freed? And I realized�
That maybe all I need is time. Time to let all the wounds and the scars to heal. Time to grow and be independent from anyone. Time to look at the present and stop making trips down the memory lane. Maybe all I need is to make myself grow stronger by time� Maybe this time, I could start again and the cycle goes on.

The Love Cycle - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083863
  • Vell Devaras