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This book is a collection of short stories for children mostly in the form of fable which typically uses animals as characters. Each story conveyed unique moral generally revolving around themes like friendship, selflessness, family and care for the environment.
For the past three decades, climate change has been the main agenda in global fora on environmental issues. Experts around the world described this phenomenon as the offspring of the continued rising of Earth?s temperature called global warming which is in turn, the result of irresponsible human activities. This anthology stresses the importance of significant life values, giving the most emphasis on the proper caring of the environment. Its light presentation of scenes and situations will surely tickle the reader?s imagination as if he or she is physically right in the place where and when those scenes happened.

The Metamorphosis of an Antagonist - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083374
  • Ruel Balquin Gracela
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