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This book is about poverty and why these two (2) kinds of people are not alike. One of them has more resources, while the other has a limited supply or shortages. I will state why these
people most likely have a positive mindset unlike the opposite one; some are struggling financially and others have more freedom. This literature is based on my experiences and observation of their attitude and behavior every time I encounter each one of them.
Some people believe that being rich require fancy cars, mansions, popularity, airplane, and a lot of money. Thus, being rich only demands a good mindset. If your perception is set only for material things, there are times you will lose it. However, when you have a mindset, same as those rich individual; you?re not afraid to lose everything. Since, you knew that you can have it back. Being rich is having a heart, mind and soul. It?s based on emotion, contribution, and leadership. Even if you have all the money in the world, yet lack proper thinking; you will never call yourself rich. As rich people didn?t teach their children the value of money, rather create it with their hands.

The Mindset of Rich and Poor - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083806
  • Jo Batiquin
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