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“You almost feel like you are flying when you are already falling.” - RJM.
Why are we building a tower?
The answer comes from the depths of human curiosity and our thirst for
new discoveries. More than ever before in human history, the development
of technology has skyrocketed and continues to do so today. The 21st century
will witness the return of the human race to the Moon, as well as the first
steps humans will take on Mars. This fast-paced development and innovation
in the technological sense must be met with caution.
In The New Babel, we will have the chance to deeply reflect and rethink
what we need to do in the future. We must understand our limitations, so
we can not just survive, but also thrive. Modern thinking that there are no
boundaries or ends to the world runs the risk of colliding with this obstinate
truth. Humanity has the task of learning how to create a sustainable future
in the face of challenges to its long-term survival and reconnect to the divine
purpose it once had.
Is it true that “humans have that potential to destroy themselves?” Or is
there a way for us to avoid it from happening? This book will be a guide to
the present and even for those future humans on how they could live their
life to the fullest without affecting the complex and intricate life on Earth,
and enable them to preserve it for their descendants.

The New Babel

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