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�The Next Stop Is Not The Destination� is an anthology that highlights the real sinister forces that are busy stripping Africa naked in a daylight at the expense of the poorest of the poor. The poems range from rampant corruption, abject poverty, fragile political sovereignties of independent African states to moral decadence and many more. One of the poems, �The Devil Uses The Pen� is a typical Gambian-African poem that mirrors out how African politicians embark on pen-robbery; using international donor conferences  to beg on behalf of the poor who never benefit from such international grants and aids. Herewith, the misuse of the pen continues to paralyze African public offices and marriage institutions in the name of eduction. Of course, this happens when many African public office holders continue to hire young married women as their personal secretaries and protocol officers. On the other hand , the book quickly addresses social issues such as recalcitrant attitudes demonstrated by many young girls, that translates into loss of their most valuable treasures, virginity. This extraordinary theme is captured in the book in a poem titled �She Wore Her Wedding Dress Before Her Wedding Day�. The aforementioned thematic areas and other burning issues are tears that wet cover this book. However, it�s apparent that the book can double one�s thinking in the redemption of our continental future, Africa.

The Next Stop is not the Destination

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  • Basiru Jallow
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