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"In �The Quantum Mirage,� physicist Dr. Maya Jones discovers
a groundbreaking anomaly suggesting the existence of parallel
dimensions. Relocating to India, she and her team build
�Anantakiran,� a portal to these realms. Stepping through, they
encounter a vivid world inspired by Indian mythology, discovering
their connection to divine beings and unlocking unique gifts.
Guided by a mystical seer, they journey to a hidden temple�a
nexus of dimensions�confronting their innermost fears. There, the
enigmatic Oracle reveals a prophecy, urging them to preserve cosmic
United in purpose, the team prepares for a climactic cosmic
battle, skillfully merging science and spirituality. As guardians of
the multiverse, they face an impending cataclysm, navigating the
delicate balance between light and darkness.
�The Quantum Mirage� is an enthralling adventure, challenging
reality�s boundaries and embracing the eternal quest for cosmic

The Quantum Mirage - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082338
  • Hiren Rathod
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