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"The Dark One has returned . .  and the world of Magika is in peril once more!
The lives of all Magikals – dwarves, trolls, dragons, and others – are threatened as the sorcerer seeks to stamp out life on Magika by covering it with an impenetrable Shroud of Darkness.
In desperation, the Magikals turn to the four friends from Bangalore. But can the children help? For this time, the Dark One has the support of Kyalla, the evil Queen of the Shadow World. The tasks before the children are daunting: they have to obtain the Book of Spells from a dragon, journey to the Ice Mountains – home of the giants – and close the portal through which the Shroud is spreading. But the Dark One knows they are coming, and his armies of deadly creatures are waiting for them!
Will they accomplish their quest? Or is this the end of the enchanted world of Magika?"

The Shroud of Darkness

SKU: 9789355972385
  • rajesh k k
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