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In the most unexpected place and unexpected time. Two lone souls meet. 
Meet our effortlessly dashing, Mr. Perfect Alexander Clay Lascaux. The male prodigy of the business world. 
And our pure hearted Doctor Lavinia Uriah Fraunliebe. The golden hands of the medical field.
One is a Savior of Life and the other is a Taker of Life. 
Both are guided with different principles. Yet, favored by Fate.
Together this two were bound by a loveless contract yet both their minds are stubborn, making the heart impossible to yield. 
Will their heart overpower their mind and experience  love?
Or will THey be too stubborn to accept their differences and go on their separate ways. 
It?s a story that started it all with a contract.

The Truth Untold - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083725
  • Casey_prettyuuUe
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