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While traveling to Romblon, turbulence occurred. Thinking that it would probably be her last day on
earth, Antonia confessed her feelings to Rett, her boss.

However, the aftermath embarrassment of Antonia's confession fueled her to lie and pretend that she
has amnesia.

Just when she thought that she had finally escaped from her little mischief, things began to backfire on
her which caused herself to be entangled with more lies.

On a remote island, Antonia and Rett are both trapped in a state of survival. Will they be able to survive
the difficulties that the island has to offer?

How long can Antonia hold out her pretense and disguise?
How long can she resist the temptation?

Apparently, Rett is the longtime boyfriend of Antonia's best friend too.

Will Rett and Antonia be able to survive the forbidden feeling that is growing inside them?

The Unfortunate Crush

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  • Mae Madel
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