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Each paragraph, each line, each sentence, and even each word has its own poetic character. The poems by Bui Kim Anh is neither flashy nor ostentatious, all as natural as the breath of life. The poet talks to herself, talks to life, with nostalgia, sadness and pain, sometimes describes a shadow of happiness in her childhood, her love and her sudden discovery of the beauty of life.
Via these 55 poems, the reader feels that the author cherishes, pampers and considers the poetry as a soulmate, so the poem is filled with emotion, heavy reflections on the human life.
Through these poems, readers can understand somewhat about life with unstable moments and lack of emotions, but the poetess still relies on the verses uttered from her own feelings to persevere and overcome hardship and destiny of human life, of impermanence in life.
Time and nostalgia are repeated in many poems, adding to the romance of the poet�s soul. The poet considers sadness as a unique beauty of life. The calm and contemplative sadness is the default in human life, so the verses are also very ordinary and rustic. The poetry does not depend on normative rule, does not try to dance, only ponders and asks comparison questions in relation to the present and the past, old and new feeling, gain and loss.
Many poems, verses depict the spaces of Hanoi with streets, corners, and familiar scents associated with memories make those Hanoians who have traveled far away have the opportunity to experience their soft, gentle and very loving nostalgia.
(Poetess Khanh Phuong)

The Way Back To Daisies

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