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You are reading this book because I found a way to fill my empty soul, and that is by writing. This gentle activity is a great means to express my joy and exercise my mind, and to console myself from personal problems and stresses including my bitterness about my failures in life and my sadness over the evils happening in this society. 
     But I am not a writer. I have not written any novel or short story, or any article published in a book or a magazine. I have not written a single poem for the world to read, not a memoir in honor of somebody whose life I wish to cherish. But, I have long wanted to write a book; I just didn?t know how to do it. And, even if I wrote small pieces, I didn?t think they could qualify for publication, yet I have always been struck with the idea of writing. I love the cuteness of poetry and the entertaining power of stories.
     In this book, you will learn that personal writing can turn into book publishing, and that writing your personal reflections on various issues and subjects could be a way of sharing life messages to those who need them. 
     It has been a tremendous task, but the determination to write and share my story made this book a reality.

The Write Therapy - Dust Jacket

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  • Gemma B. Pagaddut