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"They Must Die" is an undimmed corpus of delirious crime stories based on the international canvas. Its capstone feature is the opaque side of human nature. While facing real-life ataxia, some persons become victims of psychological disorders and anxiety. They attempt to turn the wheel of destiny in their way and put themselves under a spell of psychosis or schizophrenia for revenge or to escape and obviously target the serene environment of society around them. The atrocious criminal stories, needless to say, grab a frizzing hold of human mind quickly. To spike, this snare in ascending direction till the end has been a pink skill of the writers and the story as well. This corpus of delirious criminal stories depicts this flair almost on every page on. The twined state of the psychogenic mind before the crime and the skillful use of these psychodynamics are exhibited in the anthology �They Must Die�. The spooked crime even though has been done with perilous sneakiness, and it is negative or destructive in nature too but an acute care has been taken here in particular by neutralizing the sublimation of these crimes. Of course, through the instantiating description, we strongly believe that readers will be utterly screwed down with the stupefying touchstone of this compilation of stories. This creation is a sapient collection of four delirious crime stories and it depicts a criminal social canker as a threat to the civilized society, so�. they must die.

They Must Die - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083206
  • P.R.Ramdasi & Sunil Pandit