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Struggle is another name for life. One has to continue the struggle till the final moment of life, the death. Some come out victorious during their life in the struggle. Some consider themselves defeated. Works and contributions of some get just recognition after demise. Victory-defeat, honour-ridicule, rise and falls are etched in the bosom of time and the recorded in the name of history. Time is an eternal document. If one continues to toil with true zeal and sincerity, the worthy contributions of all the entities will be carried by time in its bosom for the benefit of the coming generations. Though the Covid pandemic has thrown a cruel challenge to mankind, but the mankind would tide over the crisis and etch the history of the victory march.
O cruel time! you can push us to danger. You can temporarily make us feel despair. But you cannot finish our struggle. 
Finally we would be one to etch the history on your bosom. 
Yes, we would etch the history on your bosom.

Time Will Write History On You - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083791
  • Guna Moran
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