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TINURUVVUK is an Ybanag term or vernacular that means Cursive.  It was deemed appropriate as title because the author recalled her first experience of writing the cursive alphabet in 1993; she was a transferee student at Caggay-Tanza Elementary School coming from Tuguegarao East Central School.  She vividly remember being seated in her wooden, her Teacher in grade 2 section B had written down the Letterings in the green blackboard in front for all the pupils to copy. And after she was finished, she would write her first word B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l pronounced inside her mind as Be-ah-u-ti-ful, divided into five syllables for her to remember the letters forming its spelling.
This grade 2 pupil, fragile with her slender frame, morena skin, shoulder level, black, straight hair has not the slightest idea that she would one day turn out to be a writer and that her first word Beautiful in cursive or Tinuruvvuk would define her writing. She would write about her childhood growing up in a brood of six, raised in Bible Baptist upbringing, she would immortalize her first muse the late Atty. Xandred Anne Dam-at Claveria, her firstborn sister born in October 25, 1984. She would talk about her 10 year odyssey of managing the dementors, fighting and battling demons inside her head as she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination in 2011.


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